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Finally released Telekinetic Incident, and other things

2013-09-18 22:26:44 by Skeik-Sprite

I'm pretty happy with Telekinetic Incident. That's not something I can say about most things I released in the past couple of years haha, I spent a lot of time polishing it, Zeedox and Br0kenEnglish did a great job on the art and voice acting. Last week I put it on Armor Games and it did alright over there, it also gave me a lot of feedback on how I could make it better before I did a wide release. I also put a lot of analytics in it, so when it eventually spreads out I'll have some data on how people actually play it. The NG api has a bunch of cool things for tracking players, it's pretty cool.

Go play it!

Other than that I've still been working with my friend Neal on this desktop game we're making. I don't want to say too much because we're so early in development, but I'm excited about it. I'm going to take a break from Flash development, at least for a few months, and put all my time into it. I feel like I should've expanded into other platforms a long time ago, especially with flash games on the decline but that's another issue. Here's a concept image that Neal worked up.

Finally released Telekinetic Incident, and other things

New game almost done

2013-08-13 00:06:18 by Skeik-Sprite

After working on it for far too long and getting all the art assets redone by Zeedox my new game, The Telekinetic Incident, is finally at a point that I would consider to be done. I'm really happy with how the art turned out and I'm looking forward to seeing how/if people enjoy the game. Play it when it comes out!

When this game is finally released I plan to start working on my next project using MonoGame full time. I'm working on it with my friend and we intend for it to be a lot bigger in scope than most of the games we've made so far. I can't say too much about it yet though.

Also watch this thing.

What's your process?

2012-12-22 16:17:34 by Skeik-Sprite

My new game is coming along and I really feel it's one of my best games so far. I spent more time than usual planning things out and I feel that the game is better for it. So that got me thinking, what steps do you guys usually follow when you start making something?

I spent about a month writing down ideas for levels, stories, UI's, mechanics and characters before I opened Flash to work on anything. It really simplified things, there was always a plan to refer to. The document I wrote wasn't all inclusive though and I did end up cutting and adding a few things. After the initial planning, I used placeholder public domain art and programmed every mechanic and puzzle idea I had before I worried about the aesthetic. Reminds me of how I-Smel said how No Time To Explain needed a design doc.

In the end, getting all the ideas out in the prototype helped me to make a less buggy and more cohesive product. I'm really eager to start my next project now, at the very least because I know I can design and program a halfway decent game now.

So for the people who care to respond, how do you develop games or make animations? How much of your time is spent in predevelopment, storyboard and the like? Do you write your own tools for things such as level editing and particle effects?

And because I don't think I've said yet, my new game is going to be a platformer based around telekinesis with a little bit of time manipulation. It should be out in a month or so, it's got some nice ideas in it!

Back on the horse

2012-11-15 02:46:06 by Skeik-Sprite

After almost a two year break I've started working on another serious game. It'll hopefully be out by the end of the year but that's a really optimistic deadline. I'm trying to create a design document and follow a plan as opposed to fabricating and throwing away features as I go with most of my other games. Maybe that'll lead to something more polished. Maybe.

Reverse Tetris, Blank screen gets through portal

2011-07-06 20:16:52 by Skeik-Sprite

So I made this game called Reverse Tetris about a year ago. I lost the source files and all decompilation attempts failed. The game was done for the most part, it was just locked to and (for the dump). I decided to upload it to newgrounds today so you guys could play it, and then I remembered that uploaded flash files go to or something like that, not So I basically just put a blank flash file into the portal.

If you really want to play it you can go to the dump file . a92d8fdbd8b19110609b735e84b876

Well it looks like Reverse Tetris made it through the portal. But it's only a blank screen. What the fuck?!?

Over the past year I've made a really stupid mistake twice. I kept the most recent copies of my FLA's on a flash drive. Two times I've had a flash drive fail and that set me back quite a bit. All my files were pretty much on those flash drives. Luckily I upload swfs of files, but decompilers didn't like my code so they would give me FLA's with errors. I pretty much had to word backwards reconstructing my games by using really old FLA's, decompiled art and fragmented code that I could recover from my flash drives using some junky software.

I undertook 2 big projects near the beginning of the year, and one is probably never going to be finished (Bow Game) but the other should be done before the end of the year. Another smaller game that I've been working on with ColdReaver should be out before the end of the year too. One fun sized game that I had finished and found a sponsor for called reverse tetris is almost unsalvageable. It would take me a long time to fix it because how of I made it, not to mention I would never be able to fix the bugs that were in the game itself. I wish decompilers would work 100% correctly all of the time but I guess it's my fault in the first place for not adequately backing things up.

So if anyone was wondering I'm still working on things.

Frag for Cancer

2010-09-30 23:01:36 by Skeik-Sprite

I just remembered.

I have a friend who runs an organization that raises money for cancer charities. They hold competitive gaming tournaments and all the profits from the tournaments goes toward charity. So to raise money for charity all you would have to do is participate in a tournament.

It's pretty cool and relatively simple to participate in. I know a lot of you would be doing tournaments anyway and there are some prizes. Check it out and see when they'll be holding a tournament for a game you play.

And on facebook. ogo#!/pages/Frag-For-Cancer/1002972033 63917?ref=ts

Climbing king?

2010-06-23 00:31:17 by Skeik-Sprite

So I was looking at the discovery channel at 3 am and this came on.

/* */
I wanna be able to do that D: He wants to open a school for climbing, to teach children in his country. I think it would be pretty cool. I've been working out for a few months now and to be able to do things like that guy is my ultimate goal.

Also I scrapped most of what I did on my Jailbreak game so far and tried again because what I had before was shameful. I have a screenshot of early early version.

It's going to be a kind of stealth/brawler game at some points. I guess a good comparison would be Arkham. I tried to find a style I could actually create decent looking things in, and it came out alright but I'm still not very proud of it

Climbing king?

Devblog, summer, stuff

2010-06-10 21:41:36 by Skeik-Sprite


I figured I may as well start another devblog for this new game I'm doing called jailbreak. I think it's pretty obvious what it's going to be about. I know I said I was going to do solo projects in the past but this time I really am going to try to do the graphics myself, no matter how bad it turns out.

The game is going to be brawler/acrobatic platformer, but you can't really tell that from the demo at this point. It's really alpha and bad, I apologize. I'll have more to show next week.

Also, remember this game I was working on? 68368d8a236d04ad9aa87266c3a6e3

I need someone to replace the artist I had on it before :(. It would be cool if you could do things that fit the style of the game as it is at the moment. That version of the game I linked is an early version, and I have a bit more done on it at the moment. There is no rush at all, so if you can't do anything right away there's no problem.

Also since I'm on summer break I have lots of time. Don't hesitate to contact me about something.

Also all my friends are getting pregnant/making people pregnant.

Also Valeford, I am going to pm you soon.

Also I'm very afraid of what life will be like when I need to get a job during the summer.

Also I r baboon.

So I've got all these huge games going on (Well, I've got 2 huge games) that aren't going to be finished anytime soon. They're not moving THAT fast and I want to do a few smaller games in the meantime.

So if you have any ideas and you're a decent artist who wants to make a game, don't hesitate to tell me. When I say smaller, I'm thinking along the scale of Best Friends Forever, a puzzle game or something of the sort.

I think I have a few ideas but I'd like to hear yours too. I'm starting to get the hang of the flixel engine so if that interests you (FROZENFIRE) tell me. Also, I'm interested in doing a Pico Day game too.

Uhh, that's it. If you need some kind of reference, check the games I have in the portal. They're not OMGAWESOME but you get the idea.